Linguistic Association of Canada and the United States
Association de Linguistique du Canada et des États-Unis


The University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio
July 30 - August 3, 2002

Report of the Resolutions Committee

The following resolutions submitted by the Committee on Resolutions (Connie Eble, Masahiko Komatsu, and John Regan) were adopted by acclamation by the assembled membership of LACUS at the Presidential Banquet, August 3, 2002, at the University of Toledo.


Ruth M. Brend

Ruth Brend died on January 8, 2002, on her seventy-fifth birthday. LACUS held a special place in Ruth's heart, and Ruth held a special place in the hearts of so many who got to know her through her many roles in LACUS. She served as President; local organizer of the LACUS Forums at both East Lansing and Ann Arbor; editor of three LACUS Forum volumes; interim Secretary-Treasurer; and for six consecutive years as Conference Coordinator. In that role Ruth enjoyed playing talent scout for the entertainment portion of the banquet, and the cheerful and fun-loving spirit of the annual Presidential Banquet is part of Ruth's legacy to us. It is an honor to LACUS that the resolution of thanks that was adopted at the Presidential Banquet in 1999 was printed as part of the program at Ruth's memorial service at the Christian Reformed Church in Ann Arbor.

Ruth always welcomed newcomers to LACUS and was particularly eager for young scholars and scholars from abroad to have a happy experience. While she was conference coordinator, she persuaded the board to set aside some funds to help scholars from countries with weak currencies to attend the Forum. After her death, many of her LACUS friends contributed to that fund, and it is now called The Ruth Brend Fund in her memory.

The Committee on Resolutions moves that this memorial resolution be adopted and posted on the LACUS webpage and that a copy be sent to future recipients of grants from The Ruth Brend Fund.


Lois Stanford

LACUS thanks Lois Stanford, recently retired from the University of Alberta, for her excellent service as Conference Coordinator for the annual LACUS Forums at Rice University (2000), the University of Quebec at Montreal (2001), and the University of Toledo (2002), and in particular for perfecting the system for the electronic submission of abstracts and their adjudication.

University of Toledo

LACUS thanks the administration, faculty, staff, and students of the University of Toledo for graciously hosting the twenty-ninth annual LACUS Forum, July 30-August 3, 2002, with the conference theme "Linguistics and the Real World."

Foremost, we thank Douglas Coleman, chair of local arrangements, for the many hours of work required to assure that sessions were held in the pleasant and thoroughly up-to-date Law Center; that audio-visual equipment was available and operating; that the coffee breaks and the banquet added to the collegiality of the conference; that on-campus housing was comfortable and convenient; that parking was readily accessible; that the recreational and computer facilities of the University of Toledo were available; and that the Board of Directors and the Presidents were able to conduct their business more efficiently because of the amenities provided. In these and in the many other tasks required for a successful academic conference, Doug received the help from several members of the University of Toledo community: student assistants AbdulRahman Congreve, Gaby Semaan, and Xi Zhang; Law School staff Judy Cobb, Colleen Adler, and Don; English Department staff Nancy Salsbury, Matt, and Kianna. Special thanks goes to Lucy Coleman for all of the behind-the-scenes transporting, hauling, and catering.

In a time of scarce funding at universities everywhere, LACUS is especially appreciative to Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences Thomas Barden and to Chair of the English Department Samir Abu-Absi for the financial support that allowed LACUS XXIX at the University of Toledo to make a lasting contribution to the study of language and to the professional development of the participants.

Rice University

LACUS thanks the Dean of the School of Humanities at Rice University for continued support of LACUS, in particular for office space and for clerical help to Lilly Chen, Secretary-Treasurer of LACUS, in the person of student assistant Sarah Key.